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Oh neglected blog…
Yep, this is one of those “it’s been awhile since I’ve posted” entries. However, I’ve been doing more writing for my company’s blog instead of here. Take a look at the recent article we posted on improving product development within enterprise organizations. I have a few more articles in the hopper so stay tuned for [...] Read more – ‘Oh neglected blog…’.
Event Roundup – September 2013
Here are some more events that look really interesting but I sadly won’t be attending.  Just as I found a way to gain access to the best events in my town starting back in 2005 through my publication This Week In Denver, I had better find a way to get access to all of these [...] Read more – ‘Event Roundup – September 2013’.
Designer & Agency profiles, link roundup volume I
As part of my ongoing interest in Service Design and Design Strategy, I’ve been compiling a list of interesting agencies and practitioners around the globe. Though a majority seem to be based in Europe and Scandinavia, I’ve located some compelling agencies in the US as well. Let’s get to it… Read more – ‘Designer & Agency profiles, link roundup volume I’.
GovJam 2013: June 4 – 6
So I’ve signed on to co-organize a Denver chapter to participate in the global GovJam 2013 from Tuesday, June 4 – 6.  This will be my first real go at organizing an event and facilitating. Mekayla Beaver of Gloworm is the other organizer heading up the daytime group, while I’ll be handling a smaller group during the [...] Read more – ‘GovJam 2013: June 4 – 6’.

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