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Original from part of my ongoing interest in Service Design and Design Strategy, I’ve been compiling a list of interesting agencies and practitioners around the globe. Though a majority seem to be based in Europe and Scandinavia, I’ve located some compelling agencies in the US as well. Let’s get to it…

I’ve had Germany on my mind lately as I’m planning a trip there in autumn. I recently came across Tackle Service Design, based in Ravensburg, through some service design related Tweets. I’m really liking some of their visual thinking examples and it looks like these guys are fellow design Jammers.

Keeping on the German theme, the folks at Service Design Berlin will certainly be on my list of people to visit. Though I’m not sure if they’re an organization, or an agency, they have a fantastic roster of events and workshops. ¬†You can also find them on Twitter @SD_Berlin.

Bringing it back closer to home now, we’ve all seen “infographics” in just about every shape and form lately, which seem to serve as window dressing for articles and marketing hype. However, the powerful medium of data visualization is much more than mere fluff. TRUTHstudio based in Washington, DC, produces data visualizations that are both informative and graphically pleasing.



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