Comcast Residential

During my contract with SapientRazorfish I joined the Comcast Xfinity Residential team to lead and assist with various projects. Responsible for the experience leading up to the purchasing flow, my team worked on projects spanning from content redesigns, to re-imagining of existing features.
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AI-powered digital assistant

As Senior UX Designer for x.ai, a New York based startup focused on building a digital personal assistant for scheduling meetings, I was responsible for building design and user research practices in a tech focused environment. As the sole UX designer, I set out to build scalable design systems as well as infuse the company culture with user-centric thinking.
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Consumer Loyalty Program

Through EffectiveUI I worked with our largest client, American Express. In efforts to reach a new demographic, American Express created a multi-partner loyalty program, Plenti. As design lead for the responsive web channel of the product, I’ve led a major redesign effort across agency and in-house teams.
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Reed Group

Healthcare, Reference Database

Another EffectiveUI client, Reed Group is a Colorado-based healthcare data provider with an extensive library of data aimed at clinicians and insurers. While their data is considered best in class, their product was originally conceived as a print edition and their digital version lacked many features of a modern web experience. Over the course of three projects spanning research, prototyping and implementation, we reimagined Reed Group’s digital presence.
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Financial Services, Retirement

My 3rd project for a retirement services provider gave me the opportunity to transition into a design leadership role. Working with mid-sized retirement and financial services provider, I helped implement a program-wide directive to modernize a suite of digital properties for multiple business units.
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VIA Licensing, division of Dolby Inc.

IP Accounting Software

I was contracted by Effective UI, a leading UX design firm in Denver, CO, to work on a variety of projects. In my first engagement I worked on a total re-design of VIA Secure, an intellectual licensing fee management platform for VIA Licensing, a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
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B2B Ecommerce

In a short term project for Jeppesen, a division of Boeing, I worked on a new ecommerce platform to service an untapped segment of Jeppesen’s B2B customers.
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STDTestExpress.com Mobile Site

Healthcare, Consumer Ecommerce

With the rise of mobile visits to Analyte Health’s core product site, STDTestExpress.com, I led the design project to create a compelling mobile education and purchase experience.
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Booyah Advertising

Consumer Microsites, UX Audits

Though traditional marketing agencies don’t always embrace the user-centered design process, I’ve had a few opportunities to introduce my agency clients to UX methodology. I usually had to defend the process to both managers and clients who simply wanted a polished end-product with little concern about the user. The exception was Booyah Online Advertising where we had projects that embraced many parts of the UX process.
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