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Case Study: STD Test Express Mobile Site

With the rise in mobile visits to the product owner identified a need to create a mobile presence. Through rapid prototyping and online user testing we quickly created a new avenue of sales for the company.

The Problem

While we had to port a desktop site to mobile platform while re-thinking complex user interactions on a small screen, we also had to re-think the position of the user now that they were likely poised to make a phone call. As phone sales were still a significant channel for sales, we tested adding more calls to action for the phone channel to increase the likelihood of the user getting the information they needed.

The Solution

We already had a basic idea of what the mobile site needed to do from an interaction standpoint so we created simple hand-drawn wireframes, then created comps which would ultimately be put into an online prototyping tool. We then went immediately to user testing to examine our core user interactions. We refined our main sections significantly through the user-testing process and our end result looked markedly different than our initial comps.

What I Did

As the lead designer on this project, I collaborated with the Product team to create stories and drive the creation process. Our UX colleagues in San Francisco were largely responsible for providing new user insight to the process while I refined comps for the prototype. I aided in conducting user testing and gathering insight into usability issues. Lastly, I created a simple style guide to facilitate proper implementation by the Development team.

The Process

It all starts with a sketch. This was one of my first experiences creating a mobile-first experience and it really changed the dynamic of interaction design and content architecture.

I had to completely re-think the purchase flow for mobile users. We experimented with ways to simplify a multi-page checkout flow and simplify it for the mobile user.

We settled on a ‘hub and spoke’ interaction pattern as we had quite a bit of analytics data to show the common path of the user through the purchasing process.

Mobile Homepage
Mobile Style Guide I also created a quick mobile style guide for the dev team.

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