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Case Study:  Quark Promote

Though primarily an online marketing agency, we were initially contacted by Quark Software, creators of a popular desktop publishing software to boost conversion of a new direct to consumer online printing product.

The Problem

This was a classic case of a client not knowing exactly what they needed and using an outsider to bring clarity to the problem.  Instead of merely working to boost conversion from a site optimization standpoint, we identified some major flaws in their product offering which were confusing to users and presented a significant barrier to adoption.

The Proposal

Due to limited resources in the client’s organization we weren’t able to convince them to alter their business course, however we were able to significantly improve the presentation of the product offering. We presented them with a re-architected user flow, wireframes and comps for an A/B test and analytics data showing their biggest areas for quick wins.

What I Did

Working with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, Information Architects and visual designers, I performed a site inventory and created initial wireframes and UI concepts for client presentations. As the scope of the project grew we called in reinforcements to provide more complex wireframes. I also worked with Quark’s internal design team to define the user flow and propose improvements which would theoretically boost conversion.

The Process

We first started out looking at the current user flow to determine flaws in the system. We first started out looking at the current user flow to determine potential flaws in the system.
We proposed a new layout for an A/B Test. We proposed a new layout for to conduct an A/B test in hopes to identify quick wins.
With the help of some outside UX designers we proposed another A/B Test version. In collaborations with some outside UX designers we continued to iterate on the proposed  A/B test versions.
Proposed new homepage UI We eventually gained buy-in for this proposed new homepage UI

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