The Problem

Jeppesen, a leading aviation mapping company, needed to add ecommerce functionality to their site. While they had a robust ecommerce platform for direct to consumer sales, they required a totally new experience for business to business ecommerce platforms.

The Solution

I had to gain deep domain knowledge of not only their current platforms, but also the technical and legal limitations surrounding their business to business ecommerce platform. Through meetings with subject matter experts, product stakeholders, project managers, and a thorough review of the business requirements documentation, I was able to get a working knowledge of their environment. I created a new ecommerce workflow for their business customers using bet practices and some industry specific standards.

What I Did

In order to help visualize the entire project, I created a series of user flows. After getting buy-in from stakeholders and the development team, I translated the various tasks in the user flow into wireframe format. This was my first chance to use Balsamiq, an online wireframing and light prototyping tool. Though the output is a little cartoonish, the workflow if fast and the projects are easy to share. The wireframes were handed off to the development team for prototyping.

The Process

General User Flow I generated user flows for all parts of the ecommerce experience to vet with business stakeholders and the developers.
Purchase Flow Since the internally approved tools were a bit lacking, I was able to use Balsamiq to create simple interactive wireframes.

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