Verizon Business Group

During my time with the Verizon Business Group, we quickly digitized sales workflows that had previously only been available through phone sales reps, or in Verizon retail locations.


During my second project with the Verizon Business Group, I lead a team of 3 designers to move the Wireless sales experience from MVP, to a fully functional eCommerce experience.

Through daily collaboration with product stakeholders, my team of 3 worked to prioritize ongoing enhancements while working on future feature explorations. We worked closely with Verizon’s internal user research team to gain the necessary insights to inform our priorities and design directions.

In addition, we worked with a 3rd party vendor to run multivariate tests for key views in the eCommerce flow. These experiments would then inform template-level changes for interaction controls, and content.

VBG wireless pdp


How do you take a complicated business telephony product and digitize the sales process (within 6 months, no less)? That was the challenge the One Talk design team faced in the Spring of 2020 as sales channels moved to eCommerce platforms.

As Sr. Designer, I worked with the product team to scope the MVP for this product and quickly prototype the experience.We had the added task of working other other design groups in parallel to ensure a consistent experience across new product rollouts, as well as compliance with the Verizon Design System.

While Verizon ultimately decided to leave this product to the sales reps, it was a great design challenge to attempt to automate a consultative sales process.

VBG One Talk