Verizon Consumer Group

As the UX Design Lead for an organization wide consolidation of digital ‘Add-ons & Apps’ products, I led a team of 4 designers and collaborated with Content Strategists and Copywriters to standardize Verizon’s third largest stream of revenue.

The Problem

Without a consistent product strategy and experience, Verizon’s suite of add-on products and services provided a disjointed experience to it’s customers and prospects. While some products had compelling visuals and thoughtfully written content, others were sparse on explanation, imagery, and details.

apps & add-ons thumb

The redesigned Add-ons & Apps page.

The Solution

Working with over 50 product owners, we created a flexible template system to accommodate the wide product range. We worked closely with the Content Strategist to ensure consistent content and data display on all views (top-level, category, and product details). During the course of the project we needed a way to keep up with the rapid feedback from the legal team, so we created a dynamic database to feed content into our Sketch files via Google Sheets and JSON.

product detail page

Product detail view

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