x.ai Creative Facilitation

In order to infuse the company culture with design-minded processes, I facilitated feature kick-off sessions, product design ideation sessions, and interaction design whiteboarding sessions. As we collaboratively created user scenarios, journey maps, and prototypes, I demonstrated techniques for keeping users at the center of the conversation.


A recent problem-framing workshop with the Product Team and the Co-Founders.

After a few successful sessions, the team was sold on the process. I created guides for Project Managers to facilitate their own sessions throughout the product design process. In addition, I worked closely with our Core Product team to develop a framework for better problem framing through data. This resulted in a project called “Data Jam”, now with a less corny name, “Customer Data Insight”. This helped them move from a solution-oriented starting point, to a customer problems focused starting point.

Outputs from a conversational UI role-playing exercise.

The team has adopted many of the techniques into their product design workflow. They now routinely use role-playing for interaction design of the conversational UI.

In July 2018 I conducted a 3-part design discovery sprint for Product Managers, Sales Associates, Customer Success Associates, and Engineers. The goal was to define and visualize the direction of the product for the next 6 months. During the sprint the team was able to discover opportunities and potential roadblocks for the upcoming quarters’ projects while learning new methods for problem-framing, ideation, and prototyping.

Defining the ideal journey.

Diane and James working through a journey mapping exercise

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