I’m a User Experience Designer who’s been helping cross-disciplinary teams create great user experiences and digital transformations for over 15 years.

My focus on the enterprise space has allowed me to work on complex interaction design challenges and end-to-end systems thinking drawing from a foundation of user research & analytics. By serving as the liaison between customers and business, I’ve developed an understanding of the challenges large organizations face in moving quickly in the digital product space.

I made the transition from UX designer to Design Lead in 2014 which allowed me to drive the vision and direction of projects in tandem with product managers, designers, and front-end developers. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of guiding my teams to greater outcomes and am constantly working to improve my leadership skills


I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2002 and I’ve been in the industry in a variety of roles ever since. While I’m an interaction designer at my core, in 2005 I became more interested in what constituted a ‘good’ experience and was exposed a more measurable approach to design. This combination of ethnography, Information Architecture, and metrics driven design would eventually comprise modern UX methodology.

In 2010 I continued to focus on developing my skills as a well-rounded UX designer working in a variety of environments (freelance, agency, in-house) and industries. As a design lead I’ve expanded my skills into strategy and leadership.

Recent Projects

Please note that many of my client names have been hidden on this overview page due to confidentiality agreements. Client names are available on the detail pages with a password available upon request.

SapientRazorfish – Comcast Residential

During my contract with SapientRazorfish I joined the Comcast Xfinity Residential team to lead and assist with various projects. Responsible for the experience leading up to the purchasing flow, my team worked on projects spanning from content redesigns, to re-imagining of existing features.
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x.ai – AI-powered digital assistant

As Senior UX Designer for x.ai, a New York based startup focused on building a digital personal assistant for scheduling meetings, I was responsible for building design and user research practices in a tech focused environment. As the sole UX designer, I set out to build scalable design systems as well as infuse the company culture with user-centric thinking.
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Consumer Loyalty Program

Through EffectiveUI I was able to work with their largest client, a major credit services provider. In efforts to reach a new demographic, this high-end credit card provider created a multi-partner loyalty program. As design lead for the responsive web channel, I led many of their major redesign efforts across agency and in-house teams.
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Another EffectiveUI client, this Colorado-based healthcare data provider had a large library of data aimed at clinicians and insurers, but was ported from a print edition and lacked a digital ready strategy. Over the course of three projects spanning research, prototyping and implementation, we reimagined their digital presence based on detailed research.
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